Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements

Computer requirements for JamJar photo book software.

It is important to have a sufficiently powerful computer to process all the images that are required when creating your projects.

The specifications required are;

Operating System. Windows 7 or later / Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Processor. A minimum of 2GHz single processor or 1.6GHz dual core or dual processor.

RAM. 2 Gigabytes (GB) or more.

Disk Space. A photo book with a lot of photos may use up to 3 GB so you must have at least double this (6 Gigabytes ) free.

Internet Access. Broadband is recommended, as a fast connection to the Internet will allow you to upload your finished Photobooks straight to our server. If your Internet is too slow then finished (published) files can also be sent to us on a disk.
The JamJar, PO Box 36411, Christchurch 8146, New Zealand.



To find computer specifications in Windows XP (other versions are similar) choose “My Computer” “View System Information” and in “System Properties” you will find the information in the bottom right hand corner.

Apple Mac

To find computer specifications on Mac OSX choose the apple logo in the top left of your screen. Then “About This Mac”. In the “About This Mac” window you will find information on processor speed and RAM.