Using your own layouts

Using your own layouts

Using Your Own Layouts

Some of our customers enjoy using their own layouts created in Photoshop and other similar programs. Images and layouts made this way should be exported as .jpg, .tiff or .png files and then just treated as normal photos when used in our photo books. If your image is made up of layers these should be discarded when saving as a .tiff.

JPEG (.jpg) files should be of the highest quality and these are suitable for images but if you have a lot of fine text in your image then .tiff files will produce a better result. .png files can also be used.


Colour Space

If you’ve created and image and need to attribute a colour space it should be RGB (sRGB or AdobeRGB) and not CMYK.


Fonts and Text

If you create layouts which include text then you should save your files as .tiff because text can often look very pixilated in .jpg file type. However there is a tradeoff with .tiff files as they are normally bigger and require more computing power. .png files are better for lots of text than .jpg files.


PDF Files

PDF files cannot be imported into our software.


Page Sizes

Currently our photobooks are one of three sizes. A4 which is 210mm high and 297mm wide. Compact which is 185mm high and 210mm wide. Square in two sizes 8” square 203mm square or 10” or 254mm square.


Image Cropping

When designing pages allow for 2.5mm to be cropped of each edge when used on photo book page or template. You can check the correctness of this when your image is imported into our program because what you see on your screen is what you will see when you receive the finished photobook book.