Installing on Windows

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Installing JamJar on Windows

Windows download notices will vary depending on your browser and which version of windows you have.

Don’t be concerned if you see an orange strip like this with a warning saying that “This type of file could harm your computer” It is just a general warning and we guarantee that our software is normal and that it has no malicious content.

You should click the “Run” or “Save” button depending on your choice. (“Save” normally downloads the software and saves the file so you need to find the JJ icon on your Desktop or Programs folder and open it. “Run” usually means that after the software is downloaded it will open automatically and be ready to make a photobook)

If you have a multiple user computer you will see a notice that asks if you will allow our software to make changes to your machine but we have not shown this notice here so that we can make the instructions as simple as possible.

When the Setup Wizard appears read the instructions and click next.

Our licensee agreement appears next. It gives you the right to use the software to make photobooks etc but we remain it’s owners. You should read it and make your choice.

The “Choose Components” window has a default setting that will put a JamJar icon on your desktop. Deselect it if you don’t want the icon.Then click “Next”

The default setting on this window will normally install the software in that same place as any other programs that you have. Only install it in a different folder if you have a reason to do so.

Click “Install”

Wait while “Installing” window  shows progress.

This is the last window of the Setup Wizard. Click “Finish”

Click on the JamJar Icon to start a Photobook